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Authority Azon Success Story – Gavin Jackson


A few weeks ago, Authority Azon customer Gavin Jackson reached out with the following testimonial, and I decided to get in touch for a full on interview.

He was more than happy to oblige, so we can all give him our gratitude. He was also happy for us to use his name but not his photo, which is why I blurred it in the testimonial below.

authority azon testimonial

Gavin actually has three sites. The first was one he built himself using the Authority Azon theme, the second was one he had us build for him using the Done For You service, and the third is one he bought at a marketplace that was already earning. He makes reference to all three, so I wanted to add this explanation for clarification purposes.

I think it’s very important that others can benefit from Gavin’s experience, and if any of you have any further questions, feel free to ask them below.

The following is Gavin’s interview.

1.) How Long Have You Been Building Your Own Amazon Sites?

I started building Amazon sites in September 2015.

2.) What Kind Of Results Have You Had?

I bought a large already established affiliate site at the same time I started building my first site (using Authority Azon as the theme) for around $100k in September 2015. It was either buying a franchise or small store or building sites online. I talked my wife into online businesses. The timing turned out to be great for the large site because it was right before the holidays. The site made a little more than 25% of the purchase price in the final three months of the year which was really encouraging. 

As stated before, I started an affiliate site of my own in September 2015. I found a writer on Upwork who wrote some thorough and longs reviews (800-1000 words each). She also helped me write most of the content on the site. I thought long about it but decided to purchase a PBN service just to see how it worked. Being my very first site and not really relying on the income I was ok taking a chance. I started seeing a few sales in February and March 2016 but nothing significant. In May 2016 the site finally started ranking on page one. Last month the site finally took off a little and made over $600. My original goal was to get it to $1000/month within 12 months, so I am on target for that still.

I also started another site in December 2015. I actually got you guys to build the site (learn more here). It has made a few sales but I’ve been focusing on my main two sites. The site is ranking on pages 2 and 3 on Google for some keywords but doesn’t have a PBN or many links yet. I may hire a VA to start building links for the site. 

3.) Do You Work Full Time Or Part Time On Your Sites?

I work part time on my sites because I still have a full time job and two kids.

4.) What Persuaded You To Choose The Authority Azon Theme For The Sites In Question?

I honestly do not remember how I originally came across Authority Azon but I think it was from Niche Pursuits. Once I saw the theme I really liked it and bought it right away.

5.) Did You Use AA From The Beginning For This Site?

I use AA for both of the sites I built myself. 

6.) How Long Did It Take To Get Rankings?

It took me 7 to 8 months to start ranking on the first page for 20 or so keywords.

7.) When Did The Site Start Earning?

It took me about 5 months before I saw the very first sale.

8.) What Kind Of Strategy Did You Follow To Get The Sites Ranking?

I mainly relied on the PBN but I did do some outreach. I posted comments in a few forums and got a few guest posts. I’m sure if I had done more or hired someone to help build links the site would have ranked a lot faster. In my opinion the content on the site is better than most of the competitors.

9.) How Much Does The Site You Built Yourself Make Monthly Now?

It made $600 last month. I’ll have to keep you posted to see how much it makes this month but hopefully more.

10.) What’s The Plan To Grow This?

Now that the site is ranking for many keywords I’m starting to add different products. For example if my niche was electric lawn mowers, i’m now focusing on electric weed eaters, electric lawn edgers, etc.

11.) How Does The Conversion Rate On AA Compare To Other Themes And Sites?

So I’m just looking at Amazon’s product link conversion and total conversion rates. For my large site which does not use AA the product link conversion is around 0.63% and the total conversion rate is around 4.5%. The numbers for my site started last September are 1.2% and 8% respectively.

The numbers for the site I started in December 2015 are 8% and 11% respectively. I’m going to try and focus on improving my conversions for all the sites.

I think seeing the price on AA before going to Amazon helps certain buyers. Some of the items my sites promote are $1000+ so if someone isn’t expecting that I doubt they’ll buy it. It looks like they tend to go to Amazon through links of higher priced and better rated items but end up buying the cheaper items.

12.) Do You Have Any Tips For Other Users Who Want To Consider Authority Azon?

I would definitely recommend AuthorityAzon to any Amazon affiliate marketers. I use this theme and one other basic theme and this theme looks better and converts better than my other theme.

I like how you can easily put most of the information in from Amazon. I love that you can easily create horizontal or vertical comparison tables.

Personally I think customers also love the filters and compare buttons on the “Reviews” page.

Key Takeaways

Obviously we are very happy to hear that Gavin’s first site is making good money and his second site is in the process of ranking, but the key positive for us was that both his AuthorityAzon sites have higher conversion rates than his non AA site.

This is only a small comparison with one theme, so we can’t claim to have the highest rates out there, but it’s certainly an important positive.

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Janet Fuller - 3 years ago

Congratulation,Gavin Jackson. Your successful story inspire us to be a successful man in this community. But, this is true that, You got success with a short time.

Andrew - a couple of years ago

This is awesome. We’re starting a few sites from scratch, but are also looking into getting a site that’s already up and running. Great work Gavin!

June - a couple of years ago

Awesome. Great job. Much continued success and thanks for sharing. I’ll put some of those techniques for work for sure.

Gregory Lucy - a couple of years ago

Hi Gavin Jackson,

Congratulations! on your success at amazon affiliate business using Authority Azon as the theme. Your success story inspires us, as you got it very early.

Jaswinder Kaur - last year

Congratulation, Gavin Jackson for your Online Business.

Your successful story inspire others, who want to run Online Business and start making good amount of money with it.

I’m having Ease Bedding Dot Com, which is making around $1000 monthly and it is two years old in this october, 2017.
I’m planning to change its theme to Authority Azon to increase the conversion rate.


SHENYI LEE - last year

Hi Gavin

Great to see your story , I will try AA theme for your inspiration.

Another question is where I can find the marketplace to buy an affiliate website like your purchase?



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