The Best Wordpress Theme For Amazon Affiliate Websites

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Tung Tran, blogger at

Hi, I'm Dom Wells, the owner of Authority Azon. And I have to tell you this:

Authority Azon was originally created for my own use, not for commercial purpose.​

You see, I've been building and making profitable affiliate websites for a few years now, but I've yet to see a theme that is highly optimized for the Amazon affiliate program.

What truly sets this theme apart is that it was built around features and functionality that help you make more money from your Amazon affiliate websites. The foundation of the theme is not design, it's function.

Since lots of people know about my affiliate sites through the public case studies at, I've got quite a few requests from people asking to buy the theme.

I was hesitant at first, but interests kept increasing.

It also made sense for me to recoup some of my investments, as I've spent thousands on developing this amazing product.

So here it is, now is your chance to get access to the best Amazon affiliate wordpress theme ever built.

Hey, I'm Dom Wells, the new owner of Authority Azon. 

I've been an Amazon affiliate almost as long as Tung (the original founder) has, and I've had sites earning thousands of dollars per month. I even sold a site for $27,000.

One thing I learned through all this, was that the theme you use is a very important part of a site's success. Let's face it, the average Amazon affiliate site looks average.

Authority Azon is on a different level, and does wonders for conversion rates. It's also super easy and convenient to use for first timers as well.

I jumped at  the chance to take this theme over, and am looking forward to growing it into something even more special.​

How To Make Sure Your Amazon Site Will Be Profitable

Before you even build it