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5 Top Keyword Tools for Amazon Affiliates

It can be daunting trying to find the best keyword research tool. We don’t blame you! There is a lot of them out there.The success of your business relies on you using the right tool, so we did all the groundwork for you and tested 5 of the biggest keyword tools. Let’s see which tools came out […]

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Authority Azon Success Story – Gavin Jackson

A few weeks ago, Authority Azon customer Gavin Jackson reached out with the following testimonial, and I decided to get in touch for a full on interview. He was more than happy to oblige, so we can all give him our gratitude. He was also happy for us to use his name but not his photo, […]

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5 Myths About The Amazon Affiliate Program

Internet marketing is one of those industries that’s riddled with myths. It’s inherent. The nature of the business. You’ve got a mixture of people who are either trying to sell you something, trying to become an authority, or simply trying to help! You’ve also got an increasing amount of people active in Facebook groups and […]

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How Harry Lost Money But Gained Experience

For today’s post, I wanted to share some experience from another affiliate marketer, so I asked Harry from if he’d be interested in writing a post for you AuthorityAzon folks, and he did. This post is all about how you can lose money, but gain a ton of experience. It’s a positive post, despite […]

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The 90 Day Amazon Affiliate Cookie – Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve seen a lot of differing opinions on the 90 day Amazon cookie over the past couple of years, and what’s worse, I’ve also seen a lot of different information. This isn’t surprising, considering that the Amazon Operating Agreement isn’t particularly conclusive about exactly how the cookie works. It also doesn’t cover every possible scenario […]

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How To Make Sure Your Amazon Site Will Be Profitable

Before you even build it