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Getting Started

Step 1. Installing AuthorityAzon

  1. Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Add New >> Upload Theme
  2. Choose the installation zip file you just downloaded.
  3. Click Install Now. Wait for it to upload. Click Active. Done!

Step 2. Activate Your License

  1. Go to Dashboard >> Authority Azon >> License & Support
  2. Click on Activate Your Theme
  3. Enter your license and click Activate License

Where To Find Your License?

It's found in your receipt email or in Purchase History

Step 3. Configure Amazon Settings

You must setup this right in order for the theme to work properly. So follow the instructions below carefully.

First, navigate to Authority Azon >> Amazon Settings. Let me explain each setting:

  • Amazon Access Key ID & Amazon Secret Access Key - You need to enter these keys in order for the theme to work.  Here's a good tutorial on how to get these keys.
  • Default Search Locale - Select from the dropdown based on the default Amazon store you want to get data from. 
  • Auto Update Data - Enable this to have the theme automatically update product prices for you. Recommended frequency is Weekly or Once a Month. Too frequent price update will slow down your site.
  • Display Updating Time Disclaimer - This must be turned on to avoid account closure due to Amazon policy. It will display a small tooltip that shows the latest updated time for the price.
  • Show date in Google Search Results - Turning this on will display published date on Google results.

Affiliate Links Options

  • Show Links In New Window/Tab - Turn this on will make all affiliate links open in a new tab when clicked on.
  • Link Localization - This is a very powerful feature. When turned on, the theme will automatically rotate the product links to the right Amazon stores based on visit's location.

    For example:
    + visits from United States will see
    + visits from German will see 
    + visits from Japan will see Amazon.zp

    If the product is not available on those locations, the link will remain as your default locale.

Amazon Tracking IDs

This is where you enter your Amazon tracking IDs for each location. Be noted that each location has its own affiliate program so you need to sign up for each.

Step 4. Change Permalinks Settings

Go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Permalink Settings >> Choose "Post Name"

Step 5. Setup Website Page Menus

To setup your website menu, please navigate to Appearance -> Menus

Select the pages and click Add to Menu button. The pages will be added to the Menu Structure section. Drag and drop the menu to arrange the sequence. Select Primary Menu and Save Changes.

What's The Next Step?

Now that you have the basic settings set up, it's time to create your first product review.