How To Create a Magazine Homepage - AuthorityAzon

Creating a magazine homepage seems confusing at first, but in reality it's very easy. This tutorial will show you how to do that in under 5 minutes.

What You Need

How To Set Up The Homepage

Setup the header

​Step 1. Upload your logo

  1. Visit Dashboard >> Authority Azon >> General Settings
  2. Click Upload and choose your logo then Save.

Step 2. Choose header layout

AuthorityAzon gives you the flexibility to customize the header however you want. 

There are 2 header layout options​:

Option 1 -  Logo above primary menu

Option 2 -  Logo on the left, menu on the right

Step 3. Add secondary menu (if you like)

Above Header

Below Primary Menu

Setup Featured Area

Step 1. Enable The Slider

First, You need to decide which posts to be featured. Then add the same tag to them. For example. "featured"

Then, go to Authority Azon >> Homepage Options. Turn on the slider and choose the tag containing the posts to be featured.

Step 2. Set Up The Widgets

1. Go to Appearance >> Widgets

2. Drag widget AAZON: Featured Reviews to Home - Featured Left. Configure like below:

3. Drag widget Text to Home - Featured Left. Paste the follow code in:

[aazon-space][aazon-welcome-bar title="FIRST TIME BUYER?" btn_1="Button 1" btn_1_link="#" btn_2="Button 2" btn_2_link="#"]

4. Drag widget Text to Home - Featured Right. Paste the follow code in:

<img src="" alt="ads-300-250" width="320" height="250" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-757" />

or replace with your own advertising code (Adsense is a good option)

5. Drag widget Text to Home - Featured Bottom. Paste the follow code in and modify it to fit your site and your niche.

<p style="text-align: center;"><em>Looking for the best running shoes? We test all the running shoes we review and help you choose the right one.</em></p>

Setup Main Content Area

1. Drag widget AAZON: Featured Posts into Home - Main Area. Configure like below:

  • First, chose the category you want to show.
  • Then set amount of posts to show. You can show except if you want.
  • If you leave the Title blank, it will automatically displays as Latest + Category

2. Drag widget AAZON: Featured Reviews into Home - Main Area. Configure it however you want.

3. Drag widget AAZON: Featured Reviews into Sidebar. Configure like above. Just need to change Display to Vertical.

Setup The Footer

You can change between 3-column footer and 4-column footer in Footer Options