How To Create a Responsive Product Comparison Chart With Authority Azon

When you have more than 1 reviews posted. It's time to create a comparison chart using data from your published reviews. It's very easy using this shortcode.

[compareProducts ids=id1,id2,id3,etc]

The IDs here are the post IDs of your product reviews.

You can get the ID by opening each review in edit mode. Then look at the link in your address bar and take the number after ?post=


The ID for this review is 542

Live Example

What I use: [compareProducts ids=244,249,262,228]

What I get:

You can also add display="horizontal" to the shortcode to display horizontal chart.

Live Example

What I use: [compareProducts display="horizontal" ids=244,249,262,228]​

What I get:

Live demo:

How To Recreate PCMAG's Product Guide Page 

If you ever wanted to create a page like this, Authority Azon can help.

In Add New Page, scroll down a bit and you'll see this setting:

This allow you to add content after the page title and before the page main content. 

Live demo here: